Cure Your Pet

Month: January 2019

Drontal Feline for Cats

Treating the problem of intestinal parasites of your cats is easy with Drontal Feline. This medication knows the importance of your cat. Thus, it works gently by protecting your cat from different opportunistic organisms like worms and parasites. It takes […]

Fiproguard Review

Sentry introduces a new brand of fipronil for fighting against ticks, fleas and chewing lice- Fiproguard. It also protects against deer tick, which transmits Lyme Disease, as well as mites that cause sarcoptic mange. Fiproguard contains the same active ingredient […]

Cosequin Double Strength

Cosequin double strength is a medication that strengthens and promotes the development of bone cartilage. It contains chondroitin and glucosamine supplements. These two elements are proven to be effective in strengthening the cartilage. This is especially formulated for the prevention […]

Preventic Review

Preventic Collar for Dogs is a great way to prevent and protect your dog from tick infestation. It is a good idea to protect your dog year-round, to prevent complications from tick and flea infestation such as anemia and blood […]

Frontline Top Spot

Every pet owner is aware that blood-sucking parasites may cause great discomfort to their pets. Little they know these pests don’t just suck up their pet’s blood but their presence alone can land not just their pets in the veterinary […]