All dog/pet owners are always looking for methods to shield their dogs from dangerous and annoying flea infestations that comes and goes each year, and whenever possible, most owners favor a solution that’s non-topical, such as the Comfortis Flea Pill.
May reasons exist exactly why Comfortis is chosen over topical types of flea treatments and possibly the most common is that you won’t been needing secure your dog when giving the Comfortis, while at the same time try to keep his/her head steady as you fumble with a messy package trying to get all the solution on to your dog. With these other kind of flea treatment you must make sure it all gets applied as per the instructions or it can lose it’s effectiveness.
What’s more, whenever you give Comfortis you don’t have to keep your dog separated from other pets/children for any time period after administration. Topical treatments can very easily chafe on children/furniture, so dogs which have been treated recently, must frequently be separated or observed at close range until the treatment soaks in. An extra advantage is that Comfortis won’t come off in water. This is particularly good for dogs that love to play/swim in the water.
Obviously, an oral medication against fleas is only efficient if you are able to get your dog to eat it. Comfortis are chewable, beef flavored pills, which means they are tasty to the majority of dogs and to many dogs, even considered to be a treat as opposed to a medication. It may be taken with food in case this makes it easier to give the pill to your dog.
Like the majority of flea control meds, Comfortis is administered once/month. It’s truly fast acting, with apparent dead fleas as little as 30 minutes. By 4 hours after the administration, 100% of fleas could be killed.
Comfortis has been proven safe to use for dogs older than 14 weeks and weighing as low as 5 lbs. It’s obtainable in 5 dosages based on your dog’s weight and every package includes 6 pills supplying defense against fleas for 6 months time. Comfortis is a highly effective and mess-free answer to the issue of flea control, and the minute you’ve used it, you’ll never want to hassle with topical treatments again.