You noticed some ant-like critters visiting your home several months ago. They seemed busy, walking hastily and roaming around your walls. Because they appeared like harmless creatures, you chose to disregard them back then.
At present, your house has turned into a terrible mess. You see a myriad of thumb-size holes burrowed into your walls. Worse, a chain of maze-like tunnels and veneer cracks is noticeable on almost all your beloved wooden pieces at home!
Unfortunately, what you see reveals what you do not wish to recognise. Your home is a sanctuary for the worst pests ever: termites.
Termites, usually referred to as white ants although they are not really related to ants, are wicked little cellulose-eating insects whose feeding and nesting activities are capable of seriously damaging or completely destroying wood pieces and products. Termite infestation is still a grim difficulty for most home owners and business owners. In severe cases in different parts of the world, termites can cause billions and millions in property damage yearly.
The diet of termites showcases unbearable assortment. Although these diabolic insects feed chiefly on wood, they can also devour carpet, paper, cloth and any other items in your home. When these damaged structures are left unfixed, tendency is, more risks will come your way!
Not many house owners perceive considerable termite damages at once. When recognised however, all contaminated structures and damaged areas should receive proper improvement instantly. A proactive attitude to termite infestation is always a great move. In order to ensure that your home is termite-proof, implement the necessary home improvements.
If you see any openings in your home’s foundation, make sure these are sealed correctly. Having these openings sealed prevents future infestations. Eliminate moist or decaying wood near your house. Because termites love decaying wood, discarding their beloved diet reduces their presence in your home. Spray wooden furniture with anti-termite solution to let infuriating termites know that your valuable wooden antiques aren’t gastronomic treats.
Don’t know how to overcome these annoying visitors in your house? Seek the professional knowledge of the pest specialists. With the aid of experts, you stand a chance at overcoming the battle against gruesome termites!