There are several reputed branded flea killer products in the market and you need to choose from them as most of them are good. You may browse the Internet and you will get several names and their prices vary. In case you have no idea about the brands then you may look into the space where the independent viewers have expressed their opinions and suggestions. Here, you may even place your own query and you may perhaps get some unique suggestions which you may not have thought of before.
Among the best disinfectant in the market would be ones which are being sold by reputed organizations and those which veterinary doctors have no hesitation in suggesting. You must also make sure that you read the labels of the products properly or the details given in company’s websites.
If the costs do not seem to be economical for you then you may use home made remedies against your dog’s killer fleas as they hardly cost anything.

Trying Home Remedies Initially

You may try some of the easier home remedies before testing the flea tick killer spray from the market. For instance if you have just recently noticed the fleas then washing your dog with soap water all over the body would be just fine. You will notice the fleas just cannot hold on to the dog’s hair and would die. Here, you need to make sure that the soap is applied first on the neck to below as otherwise the fleas and ticks may rush to the eyes and nose of your pet.
If the fleas persist then it is a certainty that your carpets, rooms and the whole house needs a thorough cleaning with either by spraying of salt or by using one of those branded products sold online. If few fleas are noticed then you are in luck as all you would need is a comb with good teeth that can trap the fleas. You must first of all dip it in soap water and then comb off the fleas gently. You must give proper attention to the belly and lower portion of the back as that is where most fleas congregate.
If you do this every week for a month then your dog wouldn’t have any fleas or tick. On the other hand if the flea persists then you may buy flea spray killer disinfectant.

Pure Home Remedies

You may use yet another type of home remedy for getting rid of fleas through flea killing spray made by your own hands. You may first churn a mixture of 600 ml of water with 2 drops of lavender oil and another 2 drops of cedar wood oil used as kitchen essentials. You them pour them into a spray bottle and shake them and then start to spray on to your dogs.
Some of the products sold in the open market may differ from those advised by your veterinary doctor. You may choose the one that you feel best suits your requirement as satisfactory killer tick flea spray.