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Why won’t hemp seeds germinate?

Why won’t hemp seeds germinate?

It is not uncommon for beginner growers to face difficulties already at the first stage – problems with germinating cannabis seeds. The seeds either germinate poorly or do not germinate at all. What could be the reason for such an unpleasant phenomenon? Why won’t marijuana seeds germinate? How to germinate seeds correctly to get seedlings? You will find answers to these and other questions in this article. Our practical advice will be useful for novice growers and will help to achieve results already in the first stage of growth. Choose the best growing nutrients.

Seeds do not germinate: why?

There are several factors and reasons why cannabis seeds do not germinate and die. These include:

  • deep landing;
  • poor seed quality;
  • infection of seeds with an infection;
  • poor quality soil or substrate;
  • wrong temperature regime;
  • improper storage conditions for seeds;
  • high humidity;
  • improper watering.

When is the best time to plant marijuana seeds?

Experienced growers advise sticking to the gardener’s lunar calendar. Although there is no scientific evidence for this, experienced growers consider the first quarter phase to be the best time to plant. There is an opinion that it is during this period that the gravitational influence of the Earth’s satellite is most favorable for planting and germinating seeds.

Hemp seed quality

Poor quality seeds are one of the most common causes of poor or no germination. Therefore, we recommend purchasing seeds from trusted suppliers with a high reputation. Seeds are not something to save on. By purchasing an inexpensive product, you will spend more money and nerves, but the result will still not please you. There is a surefire way to test marijuana seeds for germination.

First, examine the seeds with a magnifying glass. Healthy and high quality seeds have a glossy shine, spots that decorate the shell, and do not contain cracks on the surface. Seeds ready for germination are larger than immature seeds and have the shape of an ellipse. Also an effective method of checking seed quality is the “water cup method”:

  1. Pour in half a glass of clean water.
  2. Dip the seeds you want to test in there.
  3. Look at them after a few hours.

If the seeds have sunk to the bottom, then they are ready for germination. For better germination, you can keep them in water for 12-14 hours.

Germinating marijuana seeds in the ground

Germinating cannabis seeds in the ground is the most natural way for plants and therefore the most common method among growers. For good germination, it is important to know how to plant marijuana seeds in the ground, and to follow the watering regime: excessive moisture and improper watering can lead to the death of healthy seeds.
In prepared soil, be it outdoor or indoor cultivation, it is necessary to dig holes no deeper than 8 millimeters. Deeper planting increases the risk of seed dying as the sprouts do not have enough vitality to break through to the surface of the soil. It is also necessary to monitor the temperature of the soil – for most varieties, the optimum temperature is 8 degrees Celsius. However, there are varieties that require a higher temperature. Therefore, the recommendation for beginners is to start with more unpretentious varieties.
Also, special attention should be paid to watering. Remember, excess moisture is harmful to the seed. First of all, the soil should not be watered – water must be supplied with a pipette or sprayer. It is necessary to moisten the soil only when it is completely dry. The number of waterings, as a rule, does not exceed twice a day, but depending on the conditions and condition of the soil, this amount can increase up to 5-7 times.

Sprouting in mineral wool

Sprouting marijuana seeds in rockwool is one of the alternatives to soil sprouting. This option is quite suitable for beginners, since it is not particularly difficult. Special cotton buds for germination are sold in specialized stores, including our GrowPro online store. The seeds are placed in specially prepared holes, then covered with a top layer of cotton wool. After that, the “seeded” block is placed in a tank with distilled water and covered with a film to maintain the temperature regime. By its construction, a cotton block in a tank covered with foil resembles a greenhouse.

Germination in water

Germination of hemp seeds in water can be called germination very conditionally, since this method does not imply waiting for the first shoots. The method consists in placing seeds in water for a period of a day, after which the seeds are planted in the ground or substrate with the root down. Often this method involves the use of special dressings. At this stage, choosing the right fertilizer is especially important. The consultants of our online store will help you choose the most suitable feeding option for the germination stage.
Quality is above all!
How to get quality marijuana seeds and not worry that the plants will die before the germination stage? The answer is simple – buy seeds from trusted suppliers and manufacturers. If you are a newbie, seek the advice of experienced growers for advice on where and how to buy high quality seeds. Remember that inexpensive seeds can be contaminated, stored in improper conditions, etc. We recommend that aspiring growers get familiar with growing marijuana with autoflowers or other undemanding strains.

In the GrowPro online store you can choose and buy grow boxes, potting mixes and substrates, fertilizers, lighting and aeration devices, as well as many other useful products for plant growing. We work only with trusted manufacturers, and all our products have a quality mark. In addition, the prices for all our products will pleasantly surprise you!